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Welcome to the LoTS care Stroke Research Programme

Longer-Term Stroke Care (LoTS care) is a research programme funded by a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Programme Grant for Applied Research and The Stroke Association. Building on previous work from our department, the Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation based at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, this research programme consists of several interlinked studies. These studies aim to improve outcomes after stroke by addressing the longer-term needs of patients and carers living at home in the community. Our current studies:

Study 1 - Conduct a comprehensive review of the evidence to provide clear treatment guidance for health professionals based around individual patient and carer assessments. This forms the basis of the system of care used in study 2.

Study 2 - Stroke System of Care randomised controlled trial to evaluate our new system of care in 32 centres around the UK (LoTS care trial).

Study 3 - Develop a new screening tool for identifying Longer-term Unmet Needs after Stroke (LUNS study).

Study 4 - Investigate how people with stroke and their carers adjust and adapt to the consequences of stroke.

Programme Overview:

The schematic below depicts how our programme of studies link together. Click on a study for more information.

programme summary Study 1 Reference Guide Study 2 System of Care Trial Study 4 Adjustment After Stroke Study Study 3 Longer-term Unmet Needs Study

The programme runs over 5 year period and the timescales are summarised below. All projects were completed by the end of 2012 and results are now being written up. Summaries will be posted on this website once academic articles have been published.

programme gantt chart Reference Guide System of Care Trial LUNS Adjustment after stroke study Link to Realist Evaluation

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