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Reference Guides

We have developed a manual which contains 16 reference guides with treatment algor, each of which addresses an area of stroke care. The reference guides have been developed based on information from a wide range of sources to represent the most up-to-date evidence. The literature searches to update the reference guides have been conducted in collaboration with staff at the University of Leeds Library Services.

LoTS care trial manual picture

The reference guides have been operationalised and evaluated in the system of care trial. Following a structured assessment to identify individual patient/carer needs, the system of care manual supports stroke care co-ordinators to create individual goal and action plans for patients and carers.

LoTS care trial manual interior picture

Stroke care coordinators participating in the trial reported that the structured assessment was both easy to use and useful. Use of the structured assessment did not increase the time stroke care coordinators spend per patient or increase other healthcare costs. The manual was considered to be a useful resource, particularly for staff new to the stroke care coordinator role.

How the LoTS care stroke system of care fits into plans for 6 week, 6 month and annual post stroke reviews is described on the NHS stroke improvement website.

Please contact us here if you are interested in using the structured assessment or manual in your service.


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